Brinklow Humanitarian Micro-Grant

Providing funding for humanitarian causes
The Brinklow Humanitarian Micro-Grant is awarded annually for great ideas that benefit communities. We provide seed money for start-up organizations, support funding for established organizations, and project funding for great ideas from members of the community. We know there is heart and passion in our communities but financial obstacles can often stifle innovative solutions. At our foundation we hope our contribution has a ripple effect. Donate today to support our efforts and the efforts in our communities.

our 2022 Recipient

Nykidra “Nyki” Robinson, Founder and CEO of Black Girls Vote, Inc.
Nykidra “Nyki” Robinson
Founder and CEO of Black Girls Vote, Inc.
Inspired by Shirley Chisolm’s birthday, Nyki launched Black Girls Vote, Inc. — a non-partisan, grassroots organization that focuses on encouraging, mobilizing and activating Black women to use their collective voting power, to be civically-engaged, and to advocate for issues that impact Black women and their families. The organization seeks to cultivate a generation of Black women leaders who will continue to push for justice.
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